Retreats & Programme

Online retreats (more to come as needed!)

Mon 1 (evening) - Mon 8th (morning) june2020 - 'DEEPENING ROOTS'

With Sumedha and Noon.

So many possibilities within us...exploring (to name just some!) awareness, curiosity, energy, joy and equanimity as doorways of fresh possibilities and ways of touching into our being.  3 guided live sessions a day, plus group meetings and opportunities for one to one meetings with Noon or Sumedha.  Offered via the zoom platform - keeping the tech side simple.

retreats at Ekuthuleni
Thurs 25th - Mon 29 June 2020
Guided by Ajahn Sundara (In French)

In the beautiful natural setting of Ekuthuleni we will practice some of the teachings of the Forest Tradition. We will have the opportunity to explore, with a gentle and warm approach, the benefits of awareness and to taste life as it is - in the present moment. 

10 places at Ekuthuleni with teachings via Zoom - also available for retreatants to join online

Weaving Wildness: Embodying Practice Fri 24 - Fri 31 July
 guided by Noon and Sumedha

Rooting back into our capacity for awareness, embodied and heartful presence we will explore how practice can really enter our lives.   Can we loosen our grasping, taste the joy and sanity, connected responsiveness, that comes from sensing our deep interconnection with life?   Vital always, and especially in this time of planetary crisis, we embark on this journey of coming back home together.

Real Roots in Abundance (format to be confirmed)

Fri 14 - Thurs 20 August
Led by Noon and Sumedha
How often do we relate in our lives from a sense of lack?  What effect does this have?  This retreat will help us to listen underneath all these voices and touch our real roots in abundance.  It will help us to explore our deep interconnectedness, our sense of self and our responses in the world...​


Touching our Kindness (format to be confirmed)

Fri 4 - Mon 7 September

Led by Ajahn Candasiri

The Buddha taught taught that the four 'Brahmaviharas' – divine abidings – are boundless qualities and pathways of profound transformation and freedom. They are woven through our capacity for awareness or presence in a way that keeps our journey of freedom heartful and connected, guiding us as we meet our lives.  


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Rooted in the the buddhist teachings, especially the Forest meditation tradition of Ajahn Chah, we are inspired by nature, inner and outer. We offer meditation and eco retreats with many ways to explore and open.

Our retreats are holistic, helping us to be present and connected in body and mind. Re-minding us of our intimate links with the natural world, they are nourished also by sustainable living.

* Retreat Schedule 2020 *


If you have a question or to book contact:
Please note: during the time of the coronavirus and beyond we will be offering an online meditation every tuesday at Noon French time
link to join : 
Meeting ID: 885 573 144
Update on retreats after the deconfinement guidelines 11 May:
As we have so much open space and a large meditation hall with no walls, we are offering 10 places to come on our first retreat in June in French with Ajahn Sundara, a senior nun from Amaravati,( she will attend by zoom). This retreat will also be offered online, please read below for more info.
We may be able to safely give more retreats in the summer outdoors dependent on travel restrictions. 
We are updating the site regularly to offer what and how we can.....please keep checking!



"If it isn't good let it die. If it doesn't die, make it good."

Ajahn Chah

Spoken language

Retreats are offered in English or in French with translation on certain retreats

Spiritual influences

Also, rooted as we are in buddhist teachings, we are inspired by many different paths and invite participation from people of all faiths and spiritual leanings


Throughout the season


  • solitary practice: we can co- create a structure that works for you and for us, with more or less silence/ engagement

  • activity retreats for individuals: living and participating in the daily rhythm of life, including daily sittings and regular guided meditations. This year we wish to finish the renovation of the meditation hall and dining shelter. You are most welcome to come and give a hand from May to October, learning rustic and eco building skills, helping with the garden.

  • locals: you are welcome to come and join our morning and evening meditations. From May to October on Wednesdays we offer a guided meditation - you can also contact us about retreat days or weekends.




Scheduled guided retreats

Our retreats are silent apart from the activity retreats where there are times of speaking.


  • sitting retreats

  • contemplative walking retreats

  • group activity retreats 

  • chanting retreats



Guided retreats are facilitated by Noon and Sumedha or by teachers who inspire and resonate with the vision of Ekuthuleni. In the last few years this has included especially nuns (and ex nuns) of the forest tradition and teachers from Nirodha in Finland,  as well as Jaya from Open Dharma.

All year round : 
April - November : +33 (0) 60223 0532    +33 (0) 604485012
Ekuthuleni association loi 1901
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