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Doing Our Nails

Daily Life Activity Retreat.

'Let the beauty you love be what you do - there are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground' (Rumi)

       Daily Life Activity retreats are a time for gathering inwardly, for community and for empowerment! At Ekuthuleni we keep discovering the delights of connected creativity - of loving living simply and inventively with care for the earth.  Most of the simple infrastructure that is here has been made with recycled materials, limited power tools and a real concern to be sustainable…and with the love that can come from human hands and hearts. Hand made! A lot of people mention a 'can do' energy that comes through - empowering ourselves to live in a more connected way and literally building ways of doing that. No need for any prior skills: just some good will.At Ekuthuleni, we love to let go of perfectionism & give ourselves the gift of just throwing ourselves " in "! We invite you " in " too!

Sometimes we make mud walls , from pallets to be filled with a mix of mud & straw…bring mud on a barrel sledge through the forest....ecological building together as a team: a great area for spiritual practice! Sometimes, there's more gardening/orchard activities, & sometimes some maintenance or making paths, or loading firewood. Over this time, people may come for a minimum stay of 7 days…With three & a half days of activity & three & a half days of contemplation time. we'll have an activity gathering to begin & a house clean up & sharing circle to end

We will meditate together in the early morning & evening, share some chanting, share domestic chores, do the activity for 6 hours a day during the activity part of the week, leaving time for more connection, stretching, walks, and meditation at the end of the day…


Focus of this retreat:

There will be times of silence, and some  offered guided meditations .  And there will be the times of sharing activity, of learning to 'do our nails' - to be creative and learn simple, sustainable skills that can contribute to eco building and the joy of living in a connected way. 

    We will live together for a moment with all participating  in washing up, cooking , lighting the stove etc.....

mud nails activity.jpg
Costs : 

Daily Life Activity retreatants pay   the very basic costs of the retreat such as food, gas for cooking, petrol for generator to pump water, water in summer, firewood in cold seasons, insurance for the non profit and the insurances. We are a non profit organisation and for all other costs (teachers, travel for teachers, managers and ongoing Ekuthuleni costs) we invite people to offer donations.

It is this way of participation and generosity that really keeps the Dharma rolling, as in dharma centers all over the world!

The basic fee is €20/day, please sign up for seven days minimum!

Content & Practicals
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