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Cost &Dana

Widening circles

"generosity represents the emotional binding agent in every community, in every relationship, between even two people."  

Ajahn Khemasiri

What is offered through Ekuthuleni :

The space, the guidance of the facilitators, and even the experiences you may allow in yourself - are all supported by the way of dana (donations), a heart of generosity.


Generosity is a force that connects us: it can enable us to grow beyond our sense of our own limits, to move beyond a material anxiety that separates us; to re focus. It can develop participation and a real sense of community..   


At Ekuthuleni, as is the custom in many spiritual centres, people offer dana in different ways:

money, helping out in the garden or with building, meditation..

This builds connection, participation and a positive energy field spreading out and beyond.. .  


To come on retreat you pay a small reservation fee. to book your place and to cover the most basic costs - food, gas etc. This fee is absolutely minimal, meaning the retreats are accessible to all and also making real the dana principle.


We then invite dana or donations, for Ekuthuleni and the facilitators,  relying on this heart of dana or generosity to enable Ekuthuleni and all who come to keep evolving and growing in Dharma.


Practical things we need :

  • Black Tea & decaf black tea

  • Pillows and pillow cases

  • Good electric drill

  • Jigsaw (for cutting wood not the puzzle kind!)

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