Milntuim Hermitage in Scotland is a sanctuary for Theravadan Nuns and a hermitage, run by Ajahn Candasiri -

one of the first 4 nuns to ordain in the Ajahn Chah tradition in the West...

Bristol Newsletter - in this edition is an article written in 2013 by a retreatant who came on our very first retreat.  

Please note that we now have the pleasure of really waterpro...



It is good to witness the evolution of Ekuthuleni. As the years go by, this haven in the hills of southern France offers a growing field of awareness. It invites all who come to...

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Articles & newsletters

  1. To refrain from taking life – "I take up the way of supporting life and of meeting others on equal ground. "

  2. To refrain from taking that which is not given –"I take up the way of taking only what is freely given and giving freely of all that I can. "

  3. To refrain from sexual misconduct – "I take up the way of engaging in sexual intimacy respectfully and with an open heart ."

  4. To refrain from harmful speech – "I take up the way of speaking truthfully, of speaking of others with openness and possibility. I take up the way of letting go of anger. "

  5. To refrain from intoxicants that dull the mind – "I take up the way of cultivating a clear mind."


* the phrase ‘To refrain from’ is the classical formulation – the positive form is as given by Diane Eshin Rizzetto in her book ‘Waking up to what we do’ and is drawn from Zen practice.



Links to Dharma friends

Here are some links to inspiring organisations across the world...

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Chants & quotes

Here are some videos of the chants and songs we did during the retreat, if you want to sing along and keep the flow going :)

Don't hesitate to come back to us with some other chants...

"When you go into woods & look at trees. You see all these different trees.

And some of them are bent & some of them are straight. And you look at the tree & you allow it.

You so...

Here are lyrics and links to some songs we enjoy :

Mantras (drawn from many schools of Buddhism)

Tayata Om Muni Muni Mahamunaye Soha - Homage to the great silent sage, the Tathagatha...

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