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Links to Dharma friends

Here are some links to inspiring organisations across the world :

DANCE (Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement)

A space for connecting with others to explore possible Dharma responses to climate change. Retreats, events, and creative enterprises:

Dhamma de la forêt

An association linked to the Ajahn Chah tradition of the Thai forest, with many translations from pali to french of the chants, books & other teachings.


the hermitage in South Africa where we volunteered in 2010. There Thanissara and Kittisaro, two ex monastics from the Ajahn Chah tradition, teach retreats and engage in incredible work in South Africa

Dharma Nature

Small retreat place near Montpellier in the south of France with the emphasis on simplicity, meditation, and creativity

Dharma Yatra

An incredible event and organisation - 10 days of walking and meditation in the south of France

Espace de la Source

Beautiful, simple yet abundant, place for meditation, retreat, chi gung...In the south of France.

Freely Given Retreats (UK)

Great organisation with a variety of teachers offering retreats on the dana principle:

Le Refuge Bouddhique

Centre d'études et méditation à Aix en Provence. Affilié à la Tradition contemplative des Moines de la Forêt.

MINDFULNESS/ LA PLEINE CONSCIENCE dans la Gard, France (Anne Soulet)

This ancestral practice from Asia is a training of the mind. It is vital for our modern lifestyle. All the mindfulness practices lead to the same truth and we also learn to practice yoga to relax the body which then becomes a lightning rod for the mind.

La Pleine Conscience dans le Gard Cette pratique ancestrale venue d'Asie : la pleine conscience est un entrainement de l'esprit essentiel à notre vie moderne. Toutes les pratiques méditatives mènent à la même vérité et nous apprenons aussi les pratiques du yoga pour décontracter le corps qui sert de paratonnerre à l'esprit.


Insight Meditation centre in Dordogne, SW France.

Retreats led by resident teacher Martin Aylward, in English and French, and visiting teachers.

(Association) Mudita

Association pour méditation Vipassana en Suisse.

Open Dharma

Meditation retreats allow new and experienced participants to deepen into Dharma. Retreats emphasise awareness, an agile receptivity to life centered in the present moment. Detailed guidance on retreat helps bring mind and body into the wholehearted alignment of awareness

Sakyadhita - International Buddhist Women's Association.

Network of womens buddhist activities & more

Sakyadhita (Germany):


Wonderful organisation linking meditation and action:


Supporting Theravada Bhikkhunis of the Forest Tradition in the West.Saranaloka Foundation supports Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery in the Sierra Foothills of California. We are currently developing a rural monastery where women can live and train as nuns and the lay community can come and practice.We welcome your visit!


Retreat Center respecting ecology in the South of France

For individual and group practice of mindfulness. A program based mainly upon the practice of Jon Kabat Zinn and Anne Soulet while working as a team for the implementation of a mindfulness program in the prisons of Massachusetts.

Centre de Retraite en éco-habitat dans le Gard Pour retraites de méditation de pleine conscience individuelles et en groupe dans le Sud de la France. Un programme basé principalement sur les pratiques développées par Jon Kabat Zinn et les enseignements d'Anne Soulet.

The Barn Retreat

Terre d'eveil

Terre d'éveil est une association bouddhiste non affiliée, de loi 1901, créée en 2001. Nous proposons au public francophone des retraites de méditation guidée et des enseignements issus du Canon Pali, la source originelle de textes consignant l'enseignement du Bouddha. Calendrier 2016

Engaged projects (see also Sanghaseva above)


An orphanage run by Abegail Ntleko, local to Dharmagiri, in South Africa. She received the 'unsung hero' award from the Dalai Lama and continues to work for the well being of her children and larger community.

Buddhist Global Relief

Founded by Ven Bhikkhu Bodhi, he says 'The inspiration and ideal behind BGR is a quality I call conscientious compassion'.

BGR projects are designed to provide direct food aid to people afflicted by hunger and malnutrition, to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, to support the education of girls and women, and to give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families.

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