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 In this retreat we will explore and cultivate the pathways back to presence, back to life.


We will flow between guided & silent meditations,some soft connected movement  earlier in the day, one-to-ones with Noon, dharma reflections & contemplative walking. Through deep body meditations & movement, : we invite you into deepening awareness through anchoring into the body to discover it's innate wisdom. Noon will guide meditations inside the body through: five elements inside us & outside & the weave of thin skin between, how we live our bone structure holding our frame into feeling into our natural softness , our organic biological human experience, dropping through physical & thinking tensions into inborn kindness, stillness, & our huge capacity for love for ourselves, others, & the world.


Noon will also share some talks around the subjects of love & groundedness..

He will guide some additional activities for those who wish: Lectura Divina, ( a contemplative way to approach  a sacred text), bringing drawing into this exercise using Focussing from Eugene Gendlin's way

For those who are curious or who already have done , one to ones can be done with Focussing

See below for details of costs

Grounding  in Curiosity:

Trusting Life

Led by Noon Baldwin

Our bodies know how to love, to care, to receive and give, how to mourn and to heal,to dance and sing & to rest… We tend to forget this through the constant messages of a money/production based society telling us : "we are not enough, there is not enough etc…" Sirens blaring.

Through sitting, walking & lying down meditation, chanting, we can reconnect with what's already in us. The things we cherish, such as wisdom, love & a sense of belonging: being fully here, in our place, are possible in the moment we pause and return with curiosity to our body. To practice awareness in the body affects how we live and can nourish a liberating quality of trust in ourselves and in our lives. And listening, listening deeply to our own body's wisdom. To dive deeply into the first foundation of mindfullness, through curious awareness, to explore our inborn  kindness & underlying ease, through our soft skin & into our bones… To embrace obstacles to easefulness as friendly guides along the way.

Focus of this retreat:

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Costs : 

Each retreat has a small reservation fee,€180 of covering the very basic costs of the retreat such as food, cooking gas, water, insurance & the annual membership of €10 to the non profit Ekuthuleni. We are a non profit organisation and for all other costs (teachers, travel for teachers, managers and ongoing Ekuthuleni costs) we depend on donations.


It is this way of participation and generosity that really keeps the Dharma rolling, as in dharma centers all over the world!

Content & Practicals

Noon Baldwin is an ex circus artist & street performer who retired from the circus in 2004 to dedicate  life to spiritual practice, living in dhamma centers (France & south Africa) & Amaravati monastery, (UK).

Noon co-created Ekuthuleni rustic retreat place with Sumedha  (Hannah Bagshaw).

Ekuthuleni is a back to basics meditation center in the foothills of the french Pyrenees. The emphasis is on meditation & ecological awareness, & bringing these two together.  Noon's main influence is the buddhist tradition of Ajahn Chah , with an interest in all spiritualities, (following retreats & courses with Jaya Ashmore from Open Dharma since 2008).  He enjoys how the traditional & open spirituality practices meet as one in his heart. His varied life experience brings a listening with vibrancy,an alive practice he loves to share.

Connecting with curiosity & energy, with a sense of embodying spiritual practice through in depth body grounding meditations are Noon's fields of exploration. He is transgendered....a two spirit person all in one.

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