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Daily Life activity

Coming to Ekuthuleni Retreat Place as a Daily Life Activity retreatant.

Minimum stay one week.
This is  a mix of daily life practice and meditation.

Our schedule :


Daily: early morning & evening meditations together with chanting, participating in domestic life, (signing up for a small chore like sweeping the kitchen, and a bigger one like cooking lunch, or supper or washing up), and participating in some ecological building or gardening. The schedule would be as follows for this part: 3 & a half full days including a work meeting to begin and  with a house clean up on the last full day, then an appreciation round and sharing/heart meeting on the last morning.


Regarding the activity times: we are available to help people learn new skills such as needed for light carpentry, building, gardening, landscaping etc & what may be needed for the project we are on at the time.

We often are experimenting ourselves, so invite people to come with an open mind & to not imagine we require perfectionism, nor doing things in slow motion: sometimes we have a rush on & this invites us to be in action & awareness at a faster pace! There is plenty of scope for letting go of ideas about ourselves & how retreat centers are in films!


We like to emphasize the difference there is between woofing and participating in an eco project such as this, where we are all offering service and cultivating generosity by improving and maintaining this retreat place for you, us & futur retreatants…for the  benefit of all.


We then have 3 & a half days for spiritual practice more formally, (sitting practice) or, resting, walking in the hills, reading, drawing etc, and receiving support/dialogue for your spiritual practice. I have trained in Focussing and can also offer sessions in this.


Activity retreatants pay a basic sum of 20€ a day plus an annual sum of 10€ to be a member of Ekuthuleni association. So total for one week : 150€. This is paid before arrival by PayPal or bank transfer. It is non refundable.

This covers food, water, insurance, office costs,gas for cooking! This does not cover any salaries, nor are we funded by any institutions nor gouvernent bodies.

We rely on people's generosity to offer Dana , donations, as goes the Buddhist tradition from 2600 years ago, depending on each person's income and fluidity with money.... Dana is offered by activity retreatants before leaving: please make sure you bring cash with you for this, or we also have the option of offering Dana online at Ekuthuleni. We live entirely from Dana.


Please fill in the form for daily Life Activity retreats. After this step, you will receive the details of how to pay for your stay & some practical info such as station pick up times & drop off times.

You can book via the form
or contact us if you still have questions 

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