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This meditation retreat will be a "Yatra": a meditative walking retreat, a pilgrimage with no aim to get anywhere, just feeling the ground under our feet, being present with the movement of our bodies…

& listening to poetry, & allowing words to flow into our own poems (no obligation whatsoever to write anything).
There will be dhamma talks, guided & silent meditation times, poetry sharings and writing prompts, community life together: time to breath the fresh air.
Spring is a beautiful moment to be out in the wild hills surrounding Ekuthuleni Retreat Centre!

        This 7 day retreat will mix silent moments (while walking in single file), & moments of community life in speech. We will meditate together before breakfast, walk a few hours with stops for a guided meditation (or silent), a dhamma talk & a sandwich lunch break before walking back to the centre. We will have moments to share poetry & chanting, & moments to meet each other & connect. We will divide into three teams each day: one to prepare sandwiches for the next day, one to wash dishes & the other to make supper.

We will give ourselves one full day to fully arrive , to wander a bit, before starting the walks on the next day. We will also use the day before last to really rest in meditation, then a sharing circle.  The last morning will be out of silence.
There are many great places for meditation along the walks. These walks do not require a high level of fitness but obviously cannot be done with something like a weak ankle or other.

Sacred Walking & Words: Retreat

with  Poetry

With Noon  in  English

Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd april 2023


To book contact us on

The space of practice that is Ekuthuleni is made available with a heart of practice and integrity.  All of what is here has been offered in one way or another - through, energy, time, in meditation or money.  This is the spirit of dana or generosity.  


There is a non refundable and non transferable booking fee for each retreat. If events are cancelled due to Covid , Ekuthuleni will refund the booking fee entirely.  The booking fee covers basic costs (such as food, insurance, gas and water). See below.


We are a non profit organisation and for all other costs we depend on donations, dana.  It is this way of participation and generosity that really keeps the Dharma rolling, as in dharma centers all over the world!

Cost & Practicals

Booking fee for this retreat: €170, plus €10 membership of Association Ekuthuleni for one year (a legal requirement to take part in our activities)

Noon Baldwin

See 'About Us' for more info

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