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In this retreat we'll explore the themes of grounding in our bodies, stillness & finding these whilst sitting, chanting & walking.

We will have moments of stillness, of silence and of reflection...nourishing and nourished by sacred chanting and sensing into our bodies.

Stepping into our wholeness and letting that ripple out through the hills!

We'll offer sacred chanting with some embodied vocal exercises, some sitting meditation, contemplative walking, one to one sharings, & dhamma talks, On this retreat we'll explore our sense of being in the moment, and also with the flow of life. Walking in the wild hills with gospel grooves: we'll be walking in silence for a few hours each day, with moments for meditation in nature & sacred chanting.

Voices for our Heart

Noon Baldwin and Janna Ferret 

5 - 8 May 2023

Focus of this retreat

“Walking in the Wild hills with Gospel Grooves”

Each day there will be a rythmn of meditation and chanting, both at Ekuthuleni itself and out walking in the local wild hills. The contemplative walks will be for a few hours each day, including meditations in nature & sacred chanting.  Sumedha will co-facilitate the retreat with Janna Ferrett adding a light (and deep) touch to the chanting with her gospel & blues experience.


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Content & Practicals
Costs : 

Each retreat has a small reservation fee, covering the very basic costs of the retreat such as food, gas, water. We are a non profit organisation and for all other costs (teachers, travel for teachers, managers and ongoing Ekuthuleni costs) we depend on donations.

It is this way of participation and generosity that really keeps the Dharma rolling, as in dharma centers all over the world!

The basic reservation fee is :

€150, which includes the €10 membership for 2023

This is to be paid in advance.


Janna was born in an environment rocked by West African music 
She started singing as a child in gospel choirs and then followed a jazz training for several years before becoming a full time singer and composer
When Noon proposed her to animate a workshop in a retreat, it was a new adventure, the magic happened and they took such a pleasure that they started again every year.
Janna brings a repertoire of gospel and songs from all over the world and uses her breathing and body knowledge techniques to propose tools that accompany the teachings transmitted by Ekuthuleni.
It is always a pleasure to gather in this haven of peace with dear friends to share music and silence.

Noon Baldwin

Noon Baldwin is an ex circus artist & street performer who retired from the circus in 2004 to dedicate  life to spiritual practice, living in dhamma centers (France & south Africa) & Amaravati monastery, (UK).
Noon co-created Ekuthuleni rustic retreat place with Sumedha  (Hannah Bagshaw).

Ekuthuleni is a back to basics meditation center in the foothills of the french Pyrenees. The emphasis is on meditation & ecological awareness, & bringing these two together.  Noon's main influence is the buddhist tradition of Ajahn Chah , with an interest in all spiritualities, (following retreats & courses with Jaya Ashmore from Open Dharma since 2008).  He enjoys how the traditional & open spirituality practices meet as one in his heart. His varied life experience brings a listening with vibrancy,an alive practice he loves to share.

Connecting with curiosity & energy, with a sense of embodying spiritual practice through in depth body grounding meditations are Noon's fields of exploration. He is transgendered....a two spirit person all in one.

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