New moments

 Perhaps (by Rachel)

 in letting go/ of lead-fed fears/ i’ll float like a feather/ spinning in the breeze/ that recedes into a crooked smile
and to think that all this while/ i’ve had this tide/ of loving you
and you and you/are part of this too/ and this moonlight/ puddle-reflected glean/ which just means/ life is like laughter/ aching my side/ soaked by the hope of that letting go/ in joy and hurt/ of now/ of hands/ of love/ of loss/ of fluxing constant/ of: understand

i may drown any moment/ now that you see me/ is we/ see you see world be we surface heaves/ we’ve started breathing up close/ and it grows/ it grows.

For this, photos of new projects, reflections on community....see our Spring news 2018.

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