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Trains & Buses

It’s good to know the nearest city is Carcassonne (on the main rail line between Toulouse and Narbonne – both of which have direct links to Paris). From Carcassonne rail station, there is a rail/ bus connection (SNCF/TER) for €1 to Limoux or Couiza, our nearest towns. Both are on the same line Carcassonne - Quillan).

The train or the bus alternate and leave from the rail station - so check the board or ask for

which it is and where it leaves.

We will have a pick up time in Limoux or Couiza on the day the retreat starts and a drop off time on the day the retreat ends.

Getting to Carcassonne by train/coach:

- sells French rail tickets to Paris or Carcassonne (including from London via Eurostar). There are overnight or day trains Paris to Carcassonne - overnight are cheaper, often around around €40.

- provides coaches from London (& other european cities) to Paris or Toulouse. Long but not expensive - around €30. From Toulouse there are trains to Carcassonne.

- sell coach tickets from main European cities to Paris.

Booking sites: is a site set up to encourage people to train it rather than plane it, so facilitates finding trains

- helps find trains across Europe as does…

- is a site that resells train tickets someone has bought and isn’t going to use. For tickets in France, only buy tickets that don’t have the person’s name on them and that are already printed by the French rail SNCF.

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