Letter from Ajahn Brahmavara about Ekuthuleni



It is good to witness the evolution of Ekuthuleni. As the years go by, this haven in the hills of southern France offers a growing field of awareness. It invites all who come to slow down and to wake up to the nature around and within. There is the space to observe reality, bear witness and to let go of all that is extraneous and rest in the simplicity of each moment. The renovation of the back barn and its transformation into a meditation room proceeds according to funds and to person power, with Sanghaseva generously sharing time in silence and activity. This and the ongoing energy of Noon and Sumedha offer the chance for people to learn new skills and integrate sitting still with meditation in action..and means the meditation room is coming along. Many teachers come and go - this summer Ayya Anandabodhi, Ajahn Candasiri, Zohar and Nathan offering retreats, Dhamma teachings and guidance in meditation practice, whilst Noon and Sumedha also offer retreats and  their wise reflections in the regular sittings, and are available to support visitors and guests during the spring, summer and autumn months. And so Ekuthuleni as a whole is thriving and like the huge variety of veggies in the colourful garden is offering its nourishment to more and more people over the years.


My experience of this simple way of living in nature is of a deepening of respect and care for resources. There’s gratitude for energy, sunlight, air, water and food freely and generously given. And for the human vision of respect for life and integration with our precious world, from which Ekuthuleni flows. (Ajahn Brahmavara)


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Ekuthuleni association loi 1901
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