There will be 3 guided sessions a day, plus groups, timed as follows (French time):

10am Instructions/ guided meditation

11am group meetings with Noon or Sumedha

3pm Talk or Q & A

7pm Guided meditation


There will also be the possibility of one to one meetings with Sumedha and Noon - you will be able to contact us during the retreat to make a time.


The retreat will be offered via the Zoom platform.  This can be downloaded for free (from google play store or direct from the Zoom website).  You will need a computer with at least audio possibility - if you have a camera/ video we will also be able to see each other on screen!  Once you have downloaded zoom, joining the retreat sessions is very simple: you will just need to click on the link for the live session that we will send you in the information when you book for the retreat. So please don't let the technological aspect put you off - we will make it as easy as possible.


If you miss a live session, the material will also be recorded and available each day via a link to a recordings folder that we will also send you at the beginning of the retreat.


with Sumedha and Noon - online

Wednesday 29 Dec (evening) - Sunday 2 Jan 2022(lunchtime)


A new year's retreat to refresh and discover our inner listening, presence and the openings that brings.


Our path of opening means ploughing the field of our hearts ...As we practice insight meditation we can sometimes enter familiar and unfamiliar lands that need softness & safety to move through with resilience. This churning, and some chaos and disorder, is often part of knowing and letting go of what is familiar..and getting to know our gifts beyond those limits.  And yet it needs a lot of care, stability and presence - qualities which are also inherently part of our beings.


Sumedha and Noon provide a safe space to find inner safety and listening - a restful and creative holding from which we can meet what is within us, the difficult, the beautiful, the known and the unknown. Opening new horizons.


Nourished by nature, Noon and Sumedha emphasise body and nature connected practices as ways of remembering our roots and finding simplicity, stability and aliveness of heart.  

is a co- founder of Ekuthuleni - see his bio in 'About Us'


Noon Baldwin
Focus of this retreat:

To book contact us on ekuthuleni.retreat@gmail.com

Costs : 

The retreat will be offered on a dana (donation) basis and we wish to make it available for anyone who is interested, whatever your financial situation.  There is a small booking fee of Euro 40 which you will pay to register (non refundable) to cover our running and administration costs (including internet, electricity, ongoing insurance for the non profit, payment for Zoom pro etc).  This booking fee also includes Euro 10 to become a member of Association Ekuthuleni for one year, the non profit structure through which the retreat is held - it is a legal requirement in France that anyone who participates in the activities of the Association is a member. 


Dana or donations will be then be invited at the end of the retreat for Association Ekuthuleni, for the teachers and for the managers.

It is this way of participation and generosity that really keeps the Dharma rolling, as in dharma centers all over the world!


Content & Practicals

is a co- founder of Ekuthuleni - see her bio in 'About Us'


In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.

In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.

In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm...

(Ambert Camus)