ETHOS & Eco-awareness 

We are a small retreat place and like to keep our ways of living simple, connected with each other and with nature. Participation and a sense of flowing community, care and sustainability are some of what the above can nourish.


Connecting inner meditation and living consciously outwardly is what we aspire to!

At Ekuthuleni we actually rely on dana (donations), a heart of generosity to stay open…there’s a direct link between our openness in what we can offer from Ekuthuleni, the openings people can have here and a flow of generosity which keeps it all rolling!

We are also an alcohol and intoxicants free place, we keep the 5 buddhist precepts and ask friends and retreatants to do the same during your stay





set in the foothills of the French Pyrenees

Welcome to Ekuthuleni

A rustic retreat place in the south of France, fresh air and hills.
Ekuthuleni means a cleared, warm quality of quietness, of peace.
Special note: in this moving coronavirus situation we are offering multiple possibilities of connection...
We are updating the site regularly to offer what and how we can - please keep checking!
As we have so much open space and a large meditation hall with no walls, this summer we were delighted to be able to offer several retreats with places here at Ekuthuleni as well as the opportunity to join online.  Thankyou to all who are staying connected, in so many ways. Our next retreat will be in february - solitary retreats together

Meditation Retreats 

Inspired by many paths, buddhist teachings are our main influence, especially the Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. Rooted as we are in this, we delight in participation from all faiths and spiritual leanings.  All retreats are LGBTQI friendly.


Generally we offer group, solitary, chanting and walking retreats. We also explore bringing meditation into practical life.  Retreats are offered in English or in French with translation as needed.

Wild Forces : "There are beautiful wild forces within us. Let them turn the mills inside and fill sacks, that feed even heaven."

St Francis of Assisi ( trans.D.Landinsky)


We are offering a weekly guided meditation via Zoom

Every Tuesday at 7.30pm French time...

Invitation link below - please join us if you can!  

Meeting ID: 885 573 144

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The recordings of the meditations, if you miss it live, are here


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