Weaving Wildness: Embodying Practice

Guided by Noon and Sumedha

Fri 24 - Fri 31 July 2020


We often have an inkling that our heart and being has capacities that are deeper, more rooted, wiser than our habits...and still we get stuck again and again in division, our comfort zones and find security in ways that are sometimes even harmful - witness how we treat each other and the planet.  Sometimes we can even see these cycles...and yet it is difficult to move out.  The Buddha was radical and taught to look at the roots (and ways) of our grasping, the harm that causes - and also that we can choose differently.


Using simple tools of touching back into bodily grounding, becoming familiar with this baseline steadiness to counter overwhelm, learning to read our body's innate wisdom & warnings; we can explore. We can taste in a real way what it is like to settle, to listen - and perhaps be - differently and to see what comes...encouraging practice to really enter our lives. Can we loosen our grasping, taste the joy and sanity, connected responsiveness, that comes from sensing our deep interconnection with life? 


This is the theme we will explore in this retreat - inviting all of our being to the dance and bringing to light our depths to shine through in how we live: living integrity.

Noon & Sumedha

Costs and Practicals

The retreat will be held in noble silence.  The days will unfold with a rhythm of sitting, walking meditation and an encouragement to be here in all activities, including helping in small practicals of the retreat and tasting into participation and the support of community. There will be daily meditation guidance, one to one interviews, Q & A opportunities and regular dharma talks...together we can bring the intention to explore and deepen.

The space of practice that is Ekuthuleni is made available with a heart of practice and integrity.  All of what is here has been offered in one way or another - through, energy, time, in meditation or money.  This is the spirit of dana or generosity.


There is a non refundable and nontransferable booking fee for each retreat.  This covers basic costs (such as food, insurance, gas and water).  We are a non profit organization and for all other costs we depend on donations, dana.

Booking fee for this retreat: Euro 190



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