Through this retreat we will have the opportunity to discover, with a gentle and warm approach, the benefits of awareness.

We can taste into life as it is, in the present moment.

We will explore tools that help us to let go of the difficulties that weigh down our hearts and to discover peace and the sense of freedom in the path of awakening.

Vivre L'instant Présent

  Thurs 25 - Mon 29 June 2020
Guided by Ajahn Sundara

Ajahn Sundarā was born in France in 1946. She studied dance in England and France. After working for a few years as a dancer and teacher of contemporary dance, she had the opportunity while living and studying in England to attend a talk and later a retreat led by Ajahn Sumedho. His teachings and experience of the monastic way of life in the Forest tradition impressed her deeply.

Before long this led her to visit to Chithurst Monastery, where in 1979 she asked to join the monastic community as one of the first four women novices. In 1983 she received ordination as a sīladharā, with Ajahn Sumedho as her preceptor. After spending five years at Chithurst Monastery she went to live at Amaravati Monastery, where she took part in establishing the nuns’ community.

Ajahn Sundarā spent the three years from 1995 until 1998 deepening her practice, mostly in forest monasteries in Thailand. In 2000, after spending a year as the senior incumbent of the nuns' community at the Devon vihāra , she went to live for some years at Abhayagiri Monastery in California. She returned to Amaravati in 2004 and has been senior nun here since then.

Ajahn Sundarā is interested in exploring ways of practising, sustaining and integrating Buddhist teachings in Western culture.

Since the late eighties, she has taught and led meditation retreats worldwide.

Ajahn Sundarā
Costs and Practicals

Given the new guidelines for safety after 11 May in France, as we are an outdoor retreat place, we are delighted to be able to offer 10 spaces for retreatants here at Ekuthuleni.  We have a covered outdoor platform for meditation, and tents on individual platforms in the forest for sleeping.  Ideal to have the sense of a group, the support of nature and also of Noon and Sumedha who will be managing the retreat - and yet also to be able to maintain physical distance.

Ajahn Sundara will offer several guided meditations and teaching sessions a day, via Zoom.

This retreat is also available in an online version, for people who wish to attend from home and so that this retreat can remain open for as many as possible.

The space of practice that is Ekuthuleni is made available with a heart of practice and integrity.  All of what is here has been offered in one way or another - through, energy, time, in meditation or money.  This is the spirit of dana or generosity. 

There is a non refundable and non transferable booking fee for each retreat.  This covers basic costs (such as food, insurance, gas and water). 


We are a nonprofit organization and for all other costs we depend on donations, dana.

Booking fee for this retreat:

At Ekuthuleni: Euro 130

Online from home: Euro 30


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To book contact us on

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