In this group meditation retreat, we'll look into & experiment with getting in touch with freedoms already in our heart-mind-bodies. So often, we tend to focus on what's not ok as it's a more intense feeling/sensation: the difficult emotions, thoughts, even painful feelings in the body can take up more space than the ease surrounding it. We can get carried away with a desperate need to make ourselves a"better" person & thereby lose track of what's already here: our innate buddha nature.


For this retreat, we'll practice with the "Seven Factors of Enlightenment",( awareness, inquiry, effort, joy, tranquillity, concentration, steadiness) making friends with the natural qualities already present in us ,giving ease, belonging & love some place to be, becoming familiar with what it feels like to taste the absence of stress, anger, grasping....We will also guide some practices in mudita, sympathetic joy: relearning enjoyment of our own qualities & achievements as well as for others.


   When you live in a caravan, you often notice the sun between the clouds, the moments when the rain stops, or the wind drops....& learn to sway with the storms.  So we are not avoiding the difficulties but finding our steadiness that can then hold and meet them differently.

During this retreat, we'll explore some dhamma texts through "lectura Divina" using drawing & music..we'll also go on some silent walks together, as well as sitting & walking meditation, one to one sessions with Sumedha or Noon, dhamma talks, chanting & guided meditations.

O Sweet Release!

With Sumedha & Noon English - at Ekuthuleni with online option available also

Tuesday 20 - Sunday 25 July 2021


To book contact us on ekuthuleni.retreat@gmail.com

Noon Baldwin

See 'About Us' for more info


See 'About Us' for more info


The space of practice that is Ekuthuleni is made available with a heart of practice and integrity.  All of what is here has been offered in one way or another - through, energy, time, in meditation or money.  This is the spirit of dana or generosity.  


There is a non refundable and non transferable booking fee for each retreat. If events are cancelled due to Covid , Ekuthuleni will refund the booking fee entirely.  The booking fee covers basic costs (such as food, insurance, gas and water).  We are a non profit organisation and for all other costs we depend on donations, dana.  It is this way of participation and generosity that really keeps the Dharma rolling, as in dharma centers all over the world!

Cost & Practicals

Booking fee for this retreat: 150€, plus €10 membership of Association Ekuthuleni for one year (a legal requirement to take part in our activities)