On Saturday 1 May, we will be gathering online at the following times (french time):


9.15am - Opening meditation with Noon

10am - Dharma dialogue with Jaya Ashmore

11.15am - Show around Ekuthuleni with Noon and Sumedha

12 noon -  Lunch break

2pm - Guided meditation with Sumedha

3pm - Dharma talk around the themes of meditation and nature with Ayya Anandabodhi

4 - 6pm - Breathwork and blessing chants with Thanissara and Kittisaro

6pm - Guided meditation with Ayya Santacitta

7pm - Closing

Fundraiser, Celebration and blessing (online Day of Practice)

1st May 2021

Flyer of the retreat

To register for the day of practice please email us on ekuthuleni.retreat@gmail.com to register

Once registered, you are welcome to join just for selected sessions if you wish, but please arrive on time for the designated session and stay for the whole of it. 


Recordings of the sessions will be available for those unable to attend all of the sessions or unable to attend live.


We will be gathering on Saturday 1 May 2021 for a fundraiser/ celebration and blessing of Ekuthuleni!  Deep gratitude to all of the teachers who will be participating - Thanissara and Kittisaro, Jaya Ashmore, Ayya Anandabodhi and Ayya Santacitta.  Deep gratitude also to all of you who wish to attend, bringing your presence and energy. 


We will, as you know, also be inviting donations for Association Ekuthuleni at the end of this day of practice.​

To Register
Noon Baldwin

See 'About Us' for more info


See 'About Us' for more info

Last but not least - please stay connected after 1 May!

Ekuthuleni has functioned since it's beginning in 2012 on dana or donations.  It is beautiful how the place and what it shares has slowly evolved with offerings from many different people in many different ways.  Curving clay walls have grown, a meditation hall, outdoor bathroom, indoor bathroom, workshop, now covered kitchen and dining area - even a solar hot water heater!  All here via the generosity of many.


We do as much as we can to use financial dana in ways that respect the planet - most materials here are local, recycled (including lovely bottle walls) and we get as much unpackaged and organic food as we can for retreats.  Still, even with much recycling and elbow juice, Ekuthuleni does need funds in order to continue. So we are inviting donations to help this beautiful place of dharma to continue to unfurl and offer a place of shelter to plants, animals and also retreatants as they flow through.


Any amount you can share is gratefully received.


You can donate via bank transfer (if possible this is better) or paypal, with details as below:


Noon and Sumedha also offer 1:1 support for practice on a donation basis; you can contact us individually:

Noon: spoonsnews2046@gmail.com

Sumedha: sistersumedha@gmail.com

Credit Cooperatif (agence de Carcassonne, address 95 Avenue du General Leclerc 11000, Carcassonne)

Account holder: Ekuthuleni

(Ekuthuleni Address: En Durou Festes et St André, 11300, Aude, France)

Institution Code: 42559

Bank sort code: 10000

Account no: 08013490403

RIB key: 25

IBAN: FR76 4255 9100 0008 0134 9040 325


If you register for this day of practice with Association Ekuthuleni, you will then receive our (occasional) newsletter with news of what is happening here and retreats.  Please let us know if you do not wish to go on the mailing list.


You are welcome of course to attend retreats here - see our website www.ekumeditation.com.

We also offer a weekly meditation (on a donation basis) at 7.30pm French time, via this link:

Meeting ID: 885 573 144

In regards to the wonderful teachers who will participate in this day, if you would like to see more of their activities, there is more on the following sites:


Thanissara and Kittisaro: https://sacredmountainsangha.org/


Ayya Santacitta and Ayya Anandabodhi: https://alokavihara.org/


Jaya Ashmore: https://www.jayaashmore.org/


Looking forward to practicing together soon.